What Are the Types of Firebase Events?

There are different types of event available in the Firebase and some of the below even looks like -
1.     child_added event
2.     child_changed event
3.     child_removed  event

Example for child added Event–
var usersRef = firebase.database().ref("users/");

usersRef.orderByChild("name").startAt("Anil").on("child_added", function(result) {
        console.log("Start at filter - " + result.val().name);

Example for child changed Event –
var usersRef = firebase.database().ref("users/");

usersRef.on("child_changed", function(result) {
    var user = result.val();
    console.log("The updated user name is - " +;

Example for child removed Event –
var usersRef = firebase.database().ref("users/");

users.on("child_removed", function(result) {
    var user = result.val();
    console.log( + " has been deleted.");

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