Configure Firebase Database Rules

How To Configure Firebase Database Rules?

Initialize the Real-time Database JavaScript SDK -
You must specify your Real-time Database URL when initializing your JavaScript SDK. You can find your Real-time Database URL with ProjectId i.e.

Initialize your SDK using below code-

// Set the configuration for your app
<script src=""></script>
  // Initialize Firebase
  var config = {
    apiKey: "AIza33ACyqBfafJ32Rtt5R12MVvXSBvHa6fD1Q4X",
    authDomain: "",
    databaseURL: "",
    projectId: "fir-demo-63b16",
    storageBucket: "",
    messagingSenderId: "44244534636121"

Add Firebase to your web app looks like –

Stayed Informed - Firebase Tutorial for Android and IOS

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