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Basic Authentication in ASP.NET Web API

How do I create a user Account for Basic Authentication?

How To Configure Basic Authentication in IIS ?
The basic authentication requires using a valid user name and password to access content. It supports all the browsers and it also works for all proxy services and firewalls.

Types of Proxies -
1.     Transparent Proxies
2.     Anonymous Proxies
3.     Highly anonymous Proxies
4.     Socks 4 and 5 Proxies
5.     DNS Proxies
6.     And so on

Steps To use the UI -
1.     Open IIS Manager
2.     Double click Authentication Tab
3.     Select Basic Authentication
4.     Click to Enable to use Basic authentication with the default settings
5.     Click to Edit to type the default domain and realm.
6.     In the Edit Basic Authentication Settings dialog box, in the Default domain text box, type a default domain or leave it blank.
7.     In the Realm text box, type a realm or leave it blank.
8.     Click OK to close the Edit Basic Authentication Settings dialog box.

Advantages -
1.     Internet standard
2.     Supported by all major browsers
3.     Relatively simple protocol

Disadvantages -
1.     The User credentials are sent in the every request as plaintext
2.     There are No way to log out except by closing the browser session

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