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What’s New in Angular 4?

Why Angular 4? What’s New in Angular 4?

Why Angular 4? What’s New in Angular 4?

It Makes work easier compared with angular 2 and other models.
Writing code is lots of cleaner and lesser.
It Improve the execution performance for Data binding and so on.
It has included Animations features.
In Angular 4, no need to apply observable methods because Angular analyses every page's DOM and it is automatically modifies to page’s DOM.
It is also supported by Visual Studio, IntelliJ, And NET IDES and so on.
Migration is really very soft and cleaner.
And So On..

Angular 2 apps will work using Angular 4 without changing anything. Angular 4 offers lots-of enhancements i.e.
1.         Smaller & Faster Apps
2.         View Engine Size Reduce
3.         Animation Package
4.         NgIf and ngFor Improvement
5.         Overriding Template
6.         NgIf with Else
7.         Use of AS keyword
8.         Pipes
9.         HTTP Request Simplified
10.      Apps Testing Simplified
11.      Introduce Meta Tags
12.      Added some Forms Validators Attributes
13.      Added Compare Select Options
14.      Enhancement in Router
15.      Added Optional Parameter
16.      Improvement Internationalization
17.      Meaningful errors handling methodology
18.      Animations

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