What's new in SQL Server 2018 - Upcoming Features?

What's new in SQL Server 2018? - Upcoming Features of SQL 2018!

Dear Readers, I’m so excited to sharing about the new upcoming features of SQL Server 2018! The SQL Server lovers must read these post - Stayed Informed - SQL Server Tutorials

Upcoming SQL Server 2018 Features -
1.     Added TSA-Grade Security
2.     Added Table level security, restricts, user permissions on table data and table names
3.     Self-Destructing Transactions
4.     Indirect Checkpoint Performance Improvements
5.     Edible Result Sets
6.     Renaming SQL Server Agent to Cortana
7.     Full text search, now available for all supported Linux
8.     Online index build and rebuild support for non-clustered column-store indexes
9.     Added New SSMS
10. Added Scented Error Messages
11. Eventual Consistency
12. Added Duraflame Transaction Log
13. Access Storage Engine
14. Added MAIM command
15. Added Twitch Tntegration for Video Replay
16. Azure Power Enterprise Server
17. New DAX IN function
18. Clustered Columnstore Indexes now support LOB columns (nvarchar(max), varchar(max), varbinary(max))
19. Added New string functions CONCAT_WS, TRANSLATE and TRIM
20. Full support for JSON functions
21. Database Engine - New compatibility level 140
22. Enhancements to In-Memory Tables & SPs
23. Added sp_spaceused, sp_rename, CASE, TOP (N) WITH TIE
24. And So On..

SQL Server 2017 Features -
2.     Added Automatic database tuning
3.     Added graph database capabilities for handling many-to-many relationships
4.     Added CLR strict security - by default is Enabled and Its treats as SAFE and EXTERNAL_ACCESS. When it enabled is true, the PERMISSION_SET option in the CREATE and ALTER ASSEMBLY statements is ignored at run-time.
5.     Added SSIS Catalos for a new global property to specify the default mode for executing SSIS package
6.     Added Object level security to secure the metadata of tabular models
7.     Now supported Cross database transactions
8.     Added New dynamic management views  -
a.     sys.dm_db_log_stats,
b.      sys.dm_tran_version_store_space_usage,  
c.      sys.dm_db_log_info,
d.     sys.dm_db_stats_histogram and
e.     sys.dm_os_host_info
9.     In-memory enhancements - JSON functions, CROSS APPLY operator and so on.
10. Added some string functions- CONCAT_WS, TRANSLATE, and TRIM, WITHIN GROUP and STRING_AGG
11. Added bulk access for CSV files and Azure Blob files
12. Added sys.fn_builtin_permissions
13. Added 1400 Compatibility level for tabular models
14. Added DAX IN operator for specifying multiple value

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