How to Upgrade Web Apps from Angular 2 to Angular 4?

What Happened to Angular 3? How to Upgrade from Angular 2 to Angular 4?

I was shocked! When I heard that there is no version 3 of Angular.

All Angular packages like core, common and so on are live in one repository and it is distributed separately via NPM.

Most of Angular packages were on Version 2.x.x but the router concepts @angular/router was in version 3.x.x. In that case the internal versioning concepts were conflicting, so that the Angular team decided to skip Angular3 and move to Angular4.

Stayed Informed - Angular 2 vs. Angular 4

How to Upgrade Web Apps from Angular 2 to Angular 4?
Angular 2 apps will work using Angular 4 without changing anything. Angular 4 offers lots-of enhancements i.e.
1.     Angular 4 is smaller than Angular 2
2.     Angular 4 is faster than Angular 2
3.     Angular 4 has enhanced *ngFor and *ngIf
4.     Angular 4 has more meaningful errors
5.     Overriding a template in Angular v4
6.     Angular 4 has great Animations

Angular 4 Installation Process on Windows - 

Angular 4 Installation Process on Linux/Mac-

npm install @angular/{common,compiler,compiler-cli,core,forms,http,platform-browser,platform-browser-dynamic,platform-server,router,animations}@latest [email protected] –save

If you faced any error in Linux application update from angular 2 to angular 4
1.     Delete your node modules
2.     Update your dependency In Linux Environment and execute the command

Angular has Update Guide to upgrade web Angular 2(+) to 4(+) for Basic, Medium or Advance Apps.

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