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What Is the Difference Between [ngFor] and [ngForOf] in Angular 2?

Angular 2 - ngFor vs. ngForOf

1.     The [ngFor] is not a type safe
2.     The [NgForOf] is a type Safe
3.     The [NgFor] directive instantiates a template once per item from iterate
4.     The [ngFor] and [ngForOf] are actually the selectors of the [NgForOf] directive and it is not two distinct things
5.     The [ngFor] will be works like as collections
6.     The [ngForOf] will be works like as generics

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Example - ngFor

<div *ngFor="let user of users" let i=index;>{{i}} - {{}}</div>


     <div [ngFor]="let user of users" let i=index;>{{i}} - {{}}</div>

Example - ngForOf

<div ngFor let-user="$implicit" [ngForOf]="users" let-i="index">{{i}} - {{}} </div>

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