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Angular 2 rout config

What is Routing in Angular 2?

Angular2 Routing provides us to navigation and URLs manipulation capabilities.

This post helps us to learn application “Routings” in Angular 2.

In the below routing example I am using Angular 2 for the client side and ASP.NET Core with single page application (SPA) for the server application.

“The Router is use to map applications URLs to application components. There are three main components that you are using to configure routing.”
1.     Routes: - It uses to describe our application's Routes.
2.     Router Imports: - It uses to import our application's Routes.
3.     RouterOutlet: - It is a placeholder component and use to get expanded to each route's content.
4.     RouterLink: - It is use to link to application's routes.

All above directives are provided by the Angular RouterModule package.

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