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So let's go to the world of pen drives!!

Pen drive a word as small as its size, but very useful to store your data more securely. Here I am going to give you a roundup on pendrives.This post will help you to better understand about pen drives and sort out many confusions like- how to choose best pen drive online in India or Things to have in mind before buying a pendrive? Which will be the best choice? Why pen drives are used? And many more..
                              So let's go to the world of pen drives!!

What a pen drive is?

            So let's know what it is. A pen drive commonly known with different names such as flash drive, USB drive, USB stick and many more. Pen drive is basically a type of ROM i.e. EEPROM or Electrically erasable programmable read only memory. It is basically used to transfer data from one system to another.
            Previously at starting it was coming in less memory up to hundred megabytes but now a days it's available in large memory spaces that can store up to 120 GB or even more. The mainly in demand right now is pen drive 8 GB, pen drive 16 GB, pen drive 32 GB, and pen drive 64 GB. Pen drives are rewritable type of memory drive. Pen drives are used same as a CD but the main difference is that a pen drive is rewritable and compact so easily portable and having larger memory. Nowadays its been available in different speeds 2.0 and 3.0. It consists of a PCB with a USB connector. Now some pen drives comes with a USB connector on one side and OTG connector on other side so that it can directly connected to a mobile or tablet also. It's very easy to use a pen drive just has to plug and play you just have to know where the USB port is situated.

Why to use Pen drive?

The most common reason of using a pen drive is you don't have to carry a large and hard to carry hard drive you just have to carry a small piece of plastic that you can easily carry in your pocket or even as a key chain also. In present time the pen drive comes in lot of designs and become a fashion statement for people. Some of the popular pen drives are SanDisk 64GB Pendrive USB 3.0, SanDisk 16GB pendrive, Strontium annom 32GB pendrive, SanDisk 32GB Pendrive USB 3.0 etc.

What are the uses of Pen Drive?

The most common uses of pen drive are:

  • Transferring Data:-A person can easily transfer data from one system to another. He just have to plug in and copy from one system and paste in the other         system.
  • Taking backup:-If at any time you need to install Windows again and have to format data once for it you can easily take backup of important data in pen drive.
  • Speeding up computer or laptop:-A pen drive can also be used to speed up a computer by making it to work as RAM. In latest Windows Microsoft had introduced a feature of Ready Boost. It is basically when you plug in a pen drive you will get an auto play box having an option of speed up my system after choosing this option one another dialog box will appear having option of Dedicate this device to ready boost and use this device. You can simply select any of them and your device will start working as RAM.
  • Keeping essential data always with you:-A pen drive is having a space of some GB. You have some data that you have to carry always with you like some files related to your project, any photos or any other important documents. In that case you can easily store that data in pen drive and easily carry in your pocket.
  • Run a separate OS:-If anytime you want to run any other OS without making any             modification to hard disk then you can simply install it using a pen drive.
  • Run drop box or Google drive:-Sometimes you have to access data from cloud on a public computer a pen drive can be used to perform this task.
  • As a audio player:-Nowadays many companies are introducing pen drive with audio output and some are having rechargeable battery also with an audio jack.
  • Applications portability:-You can easily carry some of the applications like Mozilla, chrome            and many more and directly access to any computer by just             connecting pen drive without installing it to the computer.

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