angular2 pipes

Why use Angular 2 Pipes?

Sometimes, the data is not displays in the correct format on the template that time where using pipes.

You also can execute a function in the template to get its returned value.

Stayed Informed What is Pipes?

For example as,

This pipe is used built-in pipe for displays data in the correct format on templates.

For Built-in Pipe-
1.      DatePipe,
2.      UpperCasePipe,
3.      LowerCasePipe,
4.      CurrencyPipe,
5.      PercentPipe,
6.      JsonPipe,
7.      AsyncPipe,
8.      And so on..

For Custom Pipe-

If you want to display the bank card number on your account detail templates that how to displays this card number?  I think you should display the last four digits and rest of all digits will display as encrypted like (****-****-****_and your card numbers) that time you will need to create a custom pipe to achieve this.
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