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23 Best Key Features of MVC 6 and MVC 5

23 Best Key Features of MVC 6 and MVC 5

What’s new In MVC 6?
The Added Key Features as following as,

1. The Microsoft makes a bundle of MVC, Web API, WebPages, SignalR, that bundle we called MVC6.

2. The MVC 6 added new cloud computing optimization system of MVC, web API, SignalR and entity framework.

3. In MVC 6, Microsoft removed the dependency of system.web.dll from MVC 6 because it's so expensive. Typically it consumes 30K memory per request/response.

4. Right now, in MVC 6 consume 2K memory per request response. It's too small memory consume.

5. Most of the problem solved using the Roslyn Compiler.

6. It’s added a Start-up class that replaces to global.asax file.

7. The Session state and caching adjusts our behavior depending on your hosting environment.

8. Host agnostic and its true side-by-side deployment

9. The vNext is a cross platform and open source and it's also supported to Mac, Linux, etc.

10. It’s also added to TagHeaplers use to creating and enables server side code on HTML elements in the razor view i.e. @addTagHelper 
"*, Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.TagHelpers"

11. The work of Roslyn compiler as given below image.

12. The ASP .Net vNext used the Roslyn Compiler, by using Roslyn compiler do not need to compile the application its compile automatically the application code.

13. The .Net vNext has the new project extension project.jsonBasically project.json contains the all dependency DLL of the application.

14. In MVC 5.1 and 5.2 supports to Enum and EnumHelper in razor views.

What’s new In MVC 5?
The Added Key Features as following as,

1.      Added Empty Template
2.      Added Internet Application Template
3.      Added Intranet Application Template
4.      ASP.NET Web API Template
5.      Mobile Project Template
6.      Single Page Application (SPA) Template
7.      Added Asp.Net Identity
8.      Bootstrap in the MVC 5 templates
9.      Authentication Filters and Filter overrides

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