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Top 12 Greatest Indian Bloggers & Their Earnings [Do You Know]

Top 12 Greatest Indian Bloggers & Their Earnings [Do You Know]

In this post, I am going to share the “Top 12 Bloggers India 2016 and Their Earnings, You Should Learn and start a Blog in 2017”.

How ToMake Money with A Blog?
How To” Build Back-links for A New Blog?
How To” Start a Blog and Start “Earning Online”?

As per my experience, staring a blog was never so much easier and quick. It’s not a one day process to get success and earning also. It requires so much of hard work and patients also.

“If you see real successful stories in your field, it builds a lot of positive energy and finally helps to change your mind from “I can’t “to “I can”.”

Top 12 Bloggers list as,
Blog URL:
Income Channel: AdSense, Paid Advertisement, and Affiliate Income etc.
World ranking by Alexa: 6,038
India ranking by Alexa: 1,169
Site linking: 6,715
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs30,00,000/ month

Name: Harsh Agarwal 
Income channel: Affiliate income, paid advertisement and Google AdSense.
World rank by Alexa: 3,028
India rank by Alexa: 459
Site linking: 3796
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs 18,00,000/month.

Name: Shradha Sharma
Income channel: AdSence and paid Advertisement.
World rank by Alexa: 3,549
India rank by Alexa: 310
Site linking: 6,908
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs20,00,000/ month.

Name: Imran Uddin
Income channel: AdSense, paid Advertisement and affiliate marketing.
World rank by Alexa: 19,690
India rank by Alexa: 2,411
Site linking: 2,179
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs6,00000 / month.

Income channel: premium membership, paid advertisement, affiliate marketing, and AdSence.
World rank by Alexa: 5,196
India rank by Alexa: 455
Site linking: 2,814
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs13,00000 / month.

Name: Arun prabhudesai
Blog URL:
Income channel: AdSense and paid advertising.
World rank by Alexa: 18,449
India rank by Alexa: 1,712
Site linking: 1,489
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs. 13,00000 / month.

Name: Srinivas Tamada
Income channel: AdSense, paid income and affiliate sources.
World rank by Alexa: 18,856
India rank by Alexa: 3,115
Site linking: 829
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs7,00000 / month.

Name: Amit Bhawani
Income channel: Adsense, direct paid advertising and affiliate marketing.
World rank by Alexa: 1,34,211
India rank by Alexa: 18,753
Site linking: 480
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs15,00000/month.

Name: Jaspal Singh
Income channel: Google AdSense is his main source.
World rank by Alexa: 73,351
US rank by Alexa: 135,996
Site linking: 1,536
Earnings in Indian rupees: Rs 5,00000 /month.

Name: Raju PP
Blog URL:
Income channel: AdSence and Advertisements.
World rank by Alexa: 27,327
India rank by Alexa: 5,602
Site linking: 1,379
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs. 9,00000 / month.

Name: Rahul Bansal
Income Channel: Adsense, Advertisements
Earnings in Indian Rupees: Rs. 200,000 /month.
World Ranking by Alexa: 20,223

Name: Harleena Singh
World rank by Alexa:  18,236
India rank by Alexa: 2900
Site Linking:  638

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