CSS Align Content Property Example [How To]

61 Best CSS Interview Questions and Answers [What, Why and How?]

Questions and Answers with Examples

What is Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)? Is CSS case sensitive or not?
What is a CSS3 and Added new feature? What is the use and syntax of class in CSS?
What are the components of a CSS Style? What are the ways to integrate a CSS into a Web?
Can default property value be restored through CSS? If yes, how? Which css type is efficient (internal, external or inline). Which one is efficient?
What is external Style Sheet? What are pros and cons? What is Internal Style Sheet? What are pros and cons?
What is Inline Style Sheet? What are pros and cons? Why should inline styles be used carefully?
How inline and block elements are different from each other? How does inheritance work in CSS?
How CSS style overriding works? How do you override the underlining of hyperlinks?
How to Restore the default property value using CSS? How to Remove the blue border around linked images on web?
Why is at-import only at the top? What is CSS selector? How to use?
What is type selector? What is an ID selector and how is it used?
What is a class selector and how is it used? How does ID selector differ from a class selector?
What are child selectors? What is contextual selector?
How are contextual selectors used in CSS? What is universal selector?
What is descendant selector? What do you understand by parent-child selector?
What is the purpose of nesting selectors? What is important declaration used in CSS?
How is the float property implemented in CSS? Can more than one declaration be added in CSS?
What is the purpose of pseudo-elements? How pseudo-classes are different from pseudo-elements?
What are pseudo classes and what are they used for? What does cascade and cascading order defines?
What are the different sorting methods used inside the cascading order? How can backward compatibility be designed in CSS?
Are quotes mandatory in URLs? What is at-rule?
How embedded style can be linked with HTML documents? What is the purpose of the z-index and how is it used?
How to clearing floats? What are difference between visibility:hidden and display:none?
Why you used shorthand properties? How grouping happens inside a CSS?
How to centre the block-elements with CSS? What is the use of Media Types in CSS?
What are the different Media Types included in CSS? Why CSS Box Model is used?
Which property is used to set the height and width of a box? How do hexadecimal color codes differ from RGB values?
What are logical and physical tags? How Style sheet is different from HTML?
What is browser safe color? Which property is used to change the face of a font?
Can you set an image to be shown as cursor? What is the purpose of %, cm, em, ex, in, mm, pc, pt, vh, vw and vmin measurement unit?

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