Are mongodb ids unique ?

5 Best Ways to Rename MongoDB Collection [Rename]

How can I Rename a collection in MongoDB?”
Definition: “Rename or changes the name of an existing collection”.

Try the Video live example of the code shown in this page using Robomongo!

{renameCollection: "Original_collection_name>", to: "<New_collection_name>", dropTarget: <true | false>}

What is “renameCollection”? It is the name of the original collection to rename.

What is to”? It is the new name of the collection.

What is “dropTarget”? If dropTarget is “true”, mongod will drop the target of renameCollection before to renaming the collection. The default value is “false”.

//The db.collection.renameCollection() is not supported on sharded collections.


db.Original_Coll_Name.renameCollection('ifAlreadyExistColl', true);

> show dbs
admin    0.000GB
demoDB   0.000GB
local    0.000GB
myNewDB  0.000GB

> use demoDB
switched to db demoDB

> show collections

> db.users.renameCollection( "Users_Test")
        "ok" : 0,
        "errmsg" : "source namespace does not exist",
        "code" : 26,
        "codeName" : "NamespaceNotFound"

> db.Users.renameCollection( "Users_Test")
{ "ok" : 1 }

> show collections

> db.Users_Test.find()
{ "_id" : ObjectId("5857c0209244b5a6e9946de4"), "Name" : "Anil", "Age" : 30 }

Using “Robomongo” Management Tool to RENAME a Collection,
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