Forget Angular 3! Google is Releasing Angular 4, 5, 6 and 7!

As you know, “AngularJs is a most popular “JavaScript Framework” for developing mobile apps and desktop apps.” Google earlier this month released “Angular 2.3”.

Igor Minar” - Opening Keynote and Announcing [NG-BE 2016 Angular Conference] Angular 4, 5, 6 and 7 Predictability and stability goals for the ecosystem.

Stay Informed - Angular2 vs. Angular 1

Now “No Angular 3” Google will go right to “Angular 4” in Mar 2017 and after this version Google will release next versions i.e.
·        Angular 5” – In Oct 2017
·        Angular 6” – In Mar 2018
·        Angular 7” – In Oct 2018
Release Schedule:-
1.      The patches releases every week!
2.      Every 3 months will major release!
3.      A major release with easy to migrate the changes in every 6 months!

[Announcement Video]- See the Announcement Yourself!
Try to learn Angular1 and Angular 2 of the code and live examples shown in this page.

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