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7 Best Practices of Angular2 Security [Security Risk]

In this section, I am going to describes Angular2 security for developing angular applications and the common applications vulnerabilities and cross site scripting XSS attacks and XSS also known as one click attacks.

“How”? “When”? And “Use”?

There are 4 key points to keep in mind when developing Angular's apps i.e.

1.      The application level securities like authentication and authorization.
2.      Coding with best Practices.
3.      Preventing cross site scripting (XSS).
4.      Reporting vulnerabilities and HTTP Level vulnerabilities.

Try the live example of the code shown in this page.

How to write Best Practices Applications?

As per my understanding be careful when developing apps,
1.      We can keep watching latest version of Angular’s library releases.
2.      Don't try to add hacks or modify to Angular’s library file.
3.      Avoid Angular’s Security Risk.
4.      Also avoid direct use of the DOM APIs.
5.      Try to use offline template compiler.
6.      Try to prevent CSRF or XSRF attacks in your web apps.
7.      Try to prevent JSON data in your web apps.

How to prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS)?

This is the most common attacks on the web apps. To prevent XSS attacks, you must prevent malicious code from the DOM entering.

What is the Use the Offline Template Compiler?

The most use of offline template compiler is performance and it does improve the apps performance.

Also an offline template compiler is used to prevent vulnerabilities’ class that is called template injection.


If you have any doubt to implementing security in the apps, find a professional security reviewer and take help.

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