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LINQ Advantages and Disadvantages in .Net

The LINQ is stands for Language Integrated Query and it is a Microsoft .NET Framework component and use for data querying and it was released in .NET Framework 3.5 on November 19, 2007.

The advantages and disadvantages for LINQ (Microsoft .Net) as give below in the details,

1.      It is quick turnaround for development.
2.      It is helps us to access any type of resource.
3.      It is a cleaner and type-safety.
4.      Lambda expressions are awesome. I am so happy to use it and I always recommended to others developers to use it.
5.      LINQ to SQL allows for RAD with database very nicely.
6.      Queries can be dynamically
7.      Declarative approach makes queries easier to understand and more compact.
8.      Extensibility and expression trees allow mostly consistent querying of multiple sources.
9.      Tables are automatically created into class.
10.  Columns are automatically created into properties.
11.  Great to be able to avoid the SQL in strings.
12.  Relationships are automatically appeared to classes.
13.  Data is easy to setup and use.
14.  We can debug the queries using visual studio's debugger.

1.      It is hard to write a LINQ provider.
2.      Lambdas and extension methods are my hammers and all problems are nails.
3.      No clear outline for Tiers.
4.      LINQ is not good to write complex queries like SQL Server.
5.      There is no good way of view permissions.
6.      Deferred execution and streaming are poorly understood.
7.      A LINQ advance query is hard to understand but too many people don't understand it but still use it.
8.      Small data sets will take longer to build the query than execute.
9.      There is an overhead for creating queries.
10.  Debugging can be very tricky due to deferred execution and streaming.
11.  When queries are moved from sql to application side, joins are very slow.
12.  Performances are degraded if we don't write the LINQ query correctly.

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