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What is DOJO toolkit?

DOJO is a rapid development toolkit for web oriented software on desktop and mobile and internet applications without using the browser’s inbuilt graphics technology. 

DOJO is being used by all the popular internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera and on smart phones and tablets by Apple (iPhone, iPod) Google (Android) and BlackBerry.

DOJO provides us many widgets, utilities and AJAX libraries to develop our applications.

DOJO provides the connection between DOM element and DOJO function and also contains many DOM elements looks like,
1.      HTML,
2.      SVG and

3.      Style packages.

DOJO is helping us to create rich and interactive web applications and it is similar like Comet and Ajax.

Dojo has great support for integrating with back end data store. It works seamlessly with REST services. We even extended Dojo's JSON-Rest-Store for adding custom encoding or decoding.  It worked like a charm.

DOJO is a great framework for developing Ajax based web applications.

It is also helping to the programmers to develop powerful web apps very easily and less time.

We can downloaded the DOJO Toolkit from

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