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What is module in node.js?

A module is a just reference to the current module.

A module encapsulates related code into a single unit of code. When creating a module, this can be interpreted as moving all related functions into a file.

Each module will be placed in a separate .js file under a separate folder path.

The module.exports property or the exports object allows us a module to select what should be shared with the application.
The default present modules are installed when you are downloading and install in the node.js.

In the node.js module.exports is the same as exports object.
There are three types of modules,
1.      Core modules
2.      Local modules
3.      3rd Party modules

Node.js is a light weight framework. The core modules include bare minimum functionalities of Node.js.

The list of the core modules,
a)      http,
b)     URL,
c)      Path,
d)     fs,
e)      Util and
f)       Querystring etc.

The examples,


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