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AJAX Advantages and Disadvantages JavaScript

JavaScript - AJAX Advantages and Disadvantages

1.      Minimal Data Transfer
2.      An asynchronous call by XMLHttpRequest and it is hold and wait process.
3.      Reduce the traffic travels between the client and the server and the response time is faster so increases performance and speed.
4.      Better responsive and interactivity and faster page renders and improved response times.
5.      Supports almost all modern browsers.
6.      Easy Navigation.
7.      Open source JavaScript libraries available for AJAX support like JQuery, etc.

1.      Insecure and increment the load on web server.
2.      All files are downloaded at client-side.
3.      Browser compatibility issues accrued.
4.      The search engines are not crawling AJAX generated content that means Google can’t index AJAX pages.
5.      AJAX does not play well in encrypted environments.
6.      The server information can't be accessed using AJAX.
7.      Data of all requests is URL encoded and causes increases the size of the request.

8.      ActiveX requests are enabled only in Internet Explorer and newer latest browser.

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