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Node.js vs. Ruby on Rails

Node.js has ability to handle the thousands of concurrent connections with single process and minimum overhead using the JavaScript developed the server applications and networking applications.

There are some reasons which people choose Node.js.
                    I.            Streaming Data
                  II.            A real time applications like online games, collaboration tools and chat rooms etc.
                III.            Great Performance in I/O Processing
                IV.            JSON APIs based Applications
                  V.            PROXY Applications
                VI.            Node.js is developed with Google's JavaScript V8 engine as its core.

However, there are some inconveniences of the Node.js language which may stay forever:
                    I.              Nested callback hell.
                  II.              In Node.js, any CPU intensive computation will block the responsiveness.
                III.              Dealing with files can be a bit of a pain.
                IV.              In Node.js, the relational database is a bit of a pain.
                  V.              It's asynchronous programming model not for synchronous model.

Finally, we can say that Node.js is good in some cases but it cannot takeover Ruby on Rails because,
                    I.            Ruby on Rails is a web framework.
                  II.            Node.js is a server-side JavaScript implementation.

I hope this information will be helpful! Thank you!


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