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What is NPM?

The NPM stand for “Node Package Manager” and it is an online repository for publishing to node.js projects.

It is a command line utility that is use for,
                    I.            Package Installation,
                  II.            Version Management
                III.            Dependency Management
                IV.            Repositories and
                  V.            Contributors etc.

If you have node package and you want to install, by command line utility you can install it in a single line command.

For example, npm install

After running the above command “npm install”, the latest version is installed and later can see all the dependencies in the package.json.

The “package.json” attributes are,
                    I.            Name − name of the package
                  II.            Version – It is the version of the package.
                III.            Description – It is the description of the package.
                IV.            Homepage –It is the homepage of the package.
                  V.            Author – It is an author of the package.
                VI.            Contributors – It is the name of the contributors to the package.
              VII.            Dependencies –It is the dependencies list.
            VIII.            Repository – It is repository type and URL of the package.
                IX.            Main – It is an entry point of the package.
                  X.            Keywords – It is keywords

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