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Installing Node.js on Windows, Mac and Linux

How to setup a Node.js development environment on Windows, Mac and Linux?

It is easy to install Node.js on Mac, Windows and Linux. Simply you can go to Node.js official site and download you installer (Mac, Windows and Linux), and then execute the installer as per you and after that your window installer you received a text messages looks like, “Congrats!! You successfully installed Node.js on Windows!!”

Node.js Installer Following Steps,
1.      Download the Windows installer from official site.
2.      Click and Run the installer (.msi installer package).
3.      Follow the prompts instructions of the installer (Accept the agreement and click the NEXT button).
4.      Restart your computer to get everything working in your command line interface (CLI).

Download Installer,

Download Node.js built installer and source code as for you, for window, Mac and Linux with NPM and after that you can start developing applications.

References link,

The NPM is located in the directory where the Node.js is installed.

Update to Node.js, simply go to Node.js official site and download Windows, Mac and Linux installer, and then execute the installer. Now your latest version of Node.js is updated on your machine.


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