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The Compound Interest Equation

The formula compound Interest as,

P => Principal Amount or Base Amount
         r => Annual Rate of Interest
         t => Number of Years.
         A=> Accumulated Money after (n) years with including Interest.
 n =>  Compound Interest Interval(Daily, Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly).

For example,

Q.) An amount of $2,000 is deposited in a bank paying an annual interest rate of 14%, compounded yearly. What is the balance after 5 years?

a)      Principal amount: $2,000
b)     Interest Rate: 14%
c)      Effective Annual Rate: 14%
d)     Calculation Period: 5 years

P = 2000, r = 14/100 = 0.14, n = 1, t = 5. Accordingly,

The Balance after 5 years is approximately $3,850.83.

For live result, go link,


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