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mongodb with entity framework

Firstly I would like to introduce about mongodb, "MongoDB is the fastest growing database because it’s provided more security protection mechanisms than others and also more reliable in cloud computing environments. It is secure architecture for your deployment." 

And secondly, I would like to introduce about entity framework, “Entity Framework is an object relational mapping framework that is used to work with data as objects”. 

This is the code-first-approach to accessing database like SQL Server, Mongodb etc.
Finally, come to your question “mongodb with entity framework” steps to implement in your projects.

1.      Open Visual Studio and create a new Windows Form Application.
2.      Run the command prompt and install latest “Entity Framework” in the “Visual Studio” package manger console.
3.      And modify to connection string in the “App.config” file in the project and add the mongodb entity framework reference “providerName” in the connection string.

The example,

  <add name="mongodbContext" connectionString="Offline=False;Server=serverName;Port=portno;Database=MyDBName;User=AnilPC;" providerName="System.Data.CData.MongoDB" />


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