MongoDb aggregation if else

MongoDB update if else

db.Users.update(criteria, update[[, options], callback]);

According to MongoDB,

·         A criteria is a query object to find records that need to be updated.
·         Update is the replacement object and the update has multiple options.
o    multi: Update all the records that match the query object.
o    upsert : If no records match then insert update as a new records.
o    raw : returns updated document as json and by default  return false.

·         An option is an options object.
·         Callback is the callback to be run after the records is updated.


The matching documents will be replaced
                   db.Users.update({_id:"1001"}, {name:"Anil", group:"IT"});

To update only selected field
                   db.Users.update({_id:"1001"}, {$set: {name:"Anil"}});


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