Are mongodb ids unique ?

MongoDB text search

The mongodb $text operator performs a text search on the content with a text index and returns all the documents that match search text.

  $text: {$search: <string>, $language: <string>, $caseSensitive: <boolean>,
      $diacriticSensitive: <boolean>}

In the above, the text search operator’s language, caseSensitive and diacriticSensitive are optional but search is required.

Query Restrictions
  • The $text query can perform at least one $text expression.
  • The $text query can’t appear in $nor expressions.
  • We can use a $text query in an $or expression but all the clauses in the $or must be indexed.
  • If the your query includes a $text expression that time you can’t use hint() function.
  • You cannot specify $natural sort order if the query includes a $text expression etc.
Query: db.customers.find( { $text: { $search: "mongodb collection text" } } )


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