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Mongodb if else statement

How to sort a collection by date in MongoDb?

In MongoDb, different ways of sorting can perform on a collection and you can use 1 for ‘asc’|ascending and -1 for ‘desc’|descending.

Syntax:db.collection.find().sort( {column1:1 or -1 [, column2: 1 or -1] });

For example,

db.customers.find().sort({CreatedDate: 'desc'}).toArray(function(error, items) {});
db.customers.find().sort('CreatedDate', 'desc').toArray(function(error, items) {});
db.customers.find().sort([['CreatedDate', 'desc']]).toArray(function(error, items) {});
db.customers.find({}, {sort: {CreatedDate: 'desc'}}).toArray(function(error, items) {});
db.customers.find({}, {sort: [['CreatedDate', 'desc']]}).toArray(function(error, items) {});

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