Are mongodb ids unique ?

MongoDB Date format

Date() : According to the MongoDB, date can be returns a string or object.

Two Types
1.      Date()
2.      new Date()

The Date() method is returns the current date as a string.

For example, var date = Date();  //return date as a string

The above date variable returns current date as a string.

The new Date() method returns the current date as a Date object.

You can specify different types of date format:

1.      new Date("YYYY-mm-dd")
2.      new Date("YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:ss")
3.      new Date("YYYY-mm-ddTHH:MM:ssZ")

For example, var date = new Date ("2016-07-26T14:59:00Z"); //return date as date object

The above date variable returns date as a date object.  

How to use date in MongoDD query?

{ _id: 1001 },  
{ $set: { name: "Anil" },    $setOnInsert: { UpdatedDate: new Date() }   },  
{ upsert: true }


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