mongodb advantages and disadvantages

Mongodb advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of MongoDB

o    MongoDb is document database.
o    Lightening is very fast.
o    MongoDb provides ACID properties at the document level.
o    MongoDb handled failover mechanism is automatically.
o    MongoDb supports common authentication mechanisms like LDAP, AD.
o    Auto sharding because MongoDB enables horizontal scalability.
o    Replication is very easy.
o    You can perform rich queries.


o    Not support joins operation.
o    Not support transaction.
o    No single server durability. If query is crashes that time you lost your all data and after repair you lost approx. 50 to 60% data.
o    Indexes take up a lot of RAM (RAM limitation).
o    Memory limitations.

MongoDB lacks some features of relational database like transaction and joins, but it gains the ability to scale horizontal easily and flexible schema that easy to manipulate with JSON data.”

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