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$scope vs scope in angularjs

JavaScript/jQuery Special Characters Validation example

Hello everyone, I am going to share the special characters validation using JavaScript/jQuery.
The input special characters  [email protected]#$%^&*()_+~{}[]';:"/.,<>?

Example as given below

$(function () {
   $("form :input[type='text']").on("keyup", function (e) {
        var inputTextId = $('#' +;
        var inputText = inputTextId.val();

        var errorFor =;
        if (!isValidChar(inputText)) {
            $('#' +'').valid();       
            setTimeout(function () { replaceErrorMsg(errorFor); }, 100);

function isValidChar(str) {
    return !/[~`!#$%\^&*+=\-\[\]\\';,/{}|\\":<>\?]/g.test(str);

function replaceErrorMsg(errorFor) {
   $("label[for='" + errorFor + "'].help-block").html("Input parameter is Invalid.");

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