Cannot find module angular2/angular2'

Cannot find module 'angular2/angular2'

I am developing an angular2 aap with MVC5. I have register.ts file and the error detail as given below.

    import {Component, View} from 'angular2/angular2';

          selector: 'register'
         templateUrl: '../scripts/register.html'

    export class register {


My bootstrap.ts file as given below

    import {bootstrap} from 'angular2/angular2';

    import {register} from '/components/register';


The solution as given below.

It just changed to module to as given below

import {Component, View} from 'angular2/core'

and also changed bootstrap to as given below

import {bootstrap} from 'angular2/platform/browser'

For more detail, go to below links

I think, It might help you! Thank you!


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