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Angular 2 rout config

Angular 2 Router Outlet Directives [Angular 2 Route Params and Config]

Router-outlet directive: - Router-outlet directive is used to render the components for specific location of your applications. Both the template and templateUrl render the components where you use this directive.

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<router-outlet> </router-outlet>

Router-link directive:- Router-link directive is used to link a specific part of your applications.

<router-link> </router-link>

<a [router-link]="['/AboutMe']">About Me</a>

The Route-Config: - The route config is used to map components to URLs.

        {path: '/',        component: Home_Component, as: 'Home'},
        {path: '/AboutMe', component: AboutMe_Component, as: 'AboutMe'  }
        {path: '/ContactMe', component: ContactMe_Component, as: 'ContactMe'  }

The Route Params: - The route parameter is used to map given URL's parameters based on the rout URLs and it is an optional parameters for that route.


params : {[key: string]: string}

         {path: '/employ/:id', component: employe, name: 'emp'},

The Live demo as,

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