Is $http service is restful web service in angularjs

Is $http service is restful web service in angularjs?

The $http service is a service that provide the communication between the remote HTTP servers using the browser's XMLHttpRequest object or JSONP.

The $http is normal Ajax  form and it can be used for any form of Web Service.
Specifically for RESTful service, we are using $resource

The $resource Is useful to consume RESTful Service and $resource is high level abstraction of $http.

The $resource is developed on the top of $http service.

For example for RESTful service

var app = angular.module("myApp", ['ngResource']);

app.controller("RESTfullCtrl", ['$scope', '$resource', function ($scope, $resource) {
    $scope.employees = [];

    var emp = $resource('/employee/:employeeId', { employeeId: '@employeeId' });

    // GET Action Method
    emp.get({ employeeId: 0112 }, function (data) {
            $scope.employees = data;

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