AngularJs Conditional CSS Class Style

AngularJs Conditional CSS Class and CSS Style

Hello everyone, I am going to share the code sample for apply the css class and css style in AngularJs with and without conditions.

The example as given below in details.

Use of  CSS Class in AngularJs

<div ng-repeat="user in users" ng-class="{class-active': user.isActive}">
  <label ng-show="!(user.isDeleted)">
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="user.isActive" />

Use of  CSS style in AngularJs

<div ng-repeat="user in users" ng-style="{color: myColor}">
  <label ng-show="!(user.isDeleted)">  </label>


<div ng-repeat="user in users" ng-style="{width: user.isValid == 'Invalid'  ?  0% : 100%}">
  <label ng-show="!(user.isDeleted)">  </label>


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