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What's New in MongoDB 3.2?

What's New in MongoDB 3.2?

"MongoDB is the fastest growing database because its provided more security protection mechanisms than others and also more reliable in cloud  computing environments. It is secure architecture for your deployment."

There are some new thing is added in MongoDB 3.2. i.e.
  1. In MongoDB 3.2, some enhancements for real-time analytics, search and coupled.
  2. In MongoDB 3.2, some new pluggable storage engines added.
  3. In MongoDB 3.2, It's more simplified data governance technique with document validation and coupled etc.
  4. In MongoDB 3.2, now some improvement operational efficiency added for
  • Enhanced management platforms.
  • Continuous up-time across distributed.
  • Multi-region deployments and zero-downtime upgrades.


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