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What is ProcessOn and How it Can be Helped in Your Work?

ProcessOn (, a free diagramming web app in which everyone can draw diagrams ,create teams and share work with a social network and an extensive diagram library.


Whether preparing presentation or to show documents with picture, visual communication is one of the most effective ways to express something clearly as well as create visual contents. Traditional software to meet these needs seem to be expensive and difficult to use without guidance, meanwhile as the high demand of web technology and mobile, web apps starts to take charge of the situation. There are some good alternatives in the cloud that prevent you from mandatory installation. From all of them, ProcessOn is an excellent one.


ProcessOn is the web-based diagram creation software. While targeted primarily towards business usage, ProcessOn can be used in all sorts of different situations from business projects to teaching presentation.

The uses are extensive with a wide variety of predefined templates available to get started. Examples of use include BPMN, flowcharts, EVC, EPC, wireframes, mockups and a slew of others. The online interface starts with a blank document and users can start from scratch or reference one of the many categories to begin a new project.

New projects can be altered directly from the browser in fine detail. Items like text and shape are, of course, able to be modified to fit the need, but ProcessOn goes well beyond just manipulating a template. ProcessOn offers a full spectrum of color options for both background and text, text placement, size, font types and alignment.


ProcessOn makes it possible for everyone to collaborate on the project in real time. Line-in chat facilitates interaction and discussions within the collaborators. As a result this is very time-saving, high efficiency.
In addition, the tool also provides access to multiple independent administrators through a single account. While group discussions are possible, team members can access the project and work independently at any time and from anywhere. ProcessOn can be used on all operating systems and browsers.

Elements of design developed through ProcessOn can be linked to the sitemap. Despite complex features, users appreciate the ease with which ProcessOn can be used. It does not require a lot of technical know-how.

One of the many other highlights of the app is that users can preview the drawing, share and publish it, gather feedback about it.

ProcessOn is free to all, the service is definitely worth checking out. Get started at here.

By Anil Singh | Rating of this article (*****)

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