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narendra damodardas modi biography

7 Interesting Facts About Narendra Modi(Prime Minister of India)

Narendra Damodardas Modi biography
Our PM is s great human being having great personality and down to earth nature. God bless him more successful number of years as a PM of India. (P.K. Kundrai)

      - Mr. Modi is a public-spirited person since childhood.

- Mr. Modi was always favourite of Hindutva religious treatise.

- Mr. Modi is very curious to writing poem during his leisure time and he also published some books written by himself.

- Mr. Modi love in photography.

- Mr. Modi does not smoke, does not drink. Mr. Modi is a completely vegetarian.

- Mr. Modi sleep maximum 5 hours a days and He wake up early morning around 5:30AM.

- Mr. Modi love to Technology and He use technology each and every day to update you and himself.


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