jQuery UI Datepicker Disable Weekdays

jQuery UI Datepicker - Disable Weekdays

Hello everyone, Today's I am going to share the code-sample for disable all the week days of jQuery UI Datepicker.

The noWeekends is an internal function of jQuery ui datepicker and we are using date to disable to all week days using the function disableOnlyWeekDays(date). i.e.

Date Picker HTML code

Weekends Only <div id="datepickerOnlyWeekDays"></div>

Date Picker with only week days JavaScript code sample

    function disableOnlyWeekDays(date) {
        var weekDays = $.datepicker.noWeekends(date);
        return [!(weekDays[0])];;

    $(function () {
            beforeShowDay: disableOnlyWeekDays

The output result, you can seen in the below calendar, all the week days are disabled.


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