Days to be disabled as an array

jQuery UI Datepicker - Disable specific days

Hello everyone, Today's I am going to share the code-sample for disable specific days of jQuery UI Datepicker

The example in detail as given below.

Date Picker HTML code

<input id="datepickerWithDisabledDate" />

Date Picker JavaScript code sample
    // List of days to be disabled as an array.
    var disabledDates = ["10-3-2015", "10-11-2015", "10-25-2015", "12-20-2014"];

    function disableSpecificDates(date) {

        var month = date.getMonth();
        var day = date.getDate();
        var year = date.getFullYear();

        // First converted to date to our format date like (mm-dd-yyyy) etc.
        //After that we will increment the months count by 1.
        var currentdate = (month + 1) + '-' + day + '-' + year;
        return [$.inArray(currentdate, disabledDates) == -1];

             beforeShowDay: disableSpecificDates


The output result, you can seen in the below calendar 20 Oct is disabled.


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