localStorage in HTML5

What is localStorage in HTML5?

The localStorage is HTML5 features and used to store data in the client brewers. If browser is closed that time it does not lost data.

Its work with key and values pairs. i.e.

localStorage.setItem("email", "anil.singh@gmail.com");

Here key is email and its values is anil.singh@gmail.com.  It is stores data with no expiration date.

Before HTML 5 we can achieve using cookies.

The example for localStorage as given below

myStore['localstorage'] = function() {
  try {
        localStorage.setItem(key, val);
        return true;
    catch(e) {
       return false;

The Advantages over localStorage as given below 
  1. No loss data event browser is closed.
  2. localStorage  have good performance then cookies.
  3. localStorage store the data for longer period
  4. localStorage  is more secure then cookies.


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