people can contribute to control vehicular pollution

How people can contribute to control vehicular pollutions?

Attention please, I requested you to obey the below points.

How people can contribute to control vehicular pollutions?

1.       It is not necessary for everyone to stop using vehicles.
2.       Before each journey, ask yourself "do I really need to use the car?"
3.       Why not save money and car share?
4.       Trying to use car when two or more people travel together in the same car otherwise trying to avoid the cars.
5.       Trying to use walking  and cycles.
6.       Trying to use public transports.  
7.       Trying to use vehicles like CNG, LPG and battery-electric etc.
8.       When using your car, you use less petrol, Not only do you save money, you produce less pollution and reduce the likelihood having an accident.
9.       Change your working routine, drive during non-peak traffic periods.
10.   Follow government rules and regulations.
11.   Trying to clean, pollution free and healthy environments.
12.   Plant more trees

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