New features of ASP.NET 4.5

New features of ASP.NET 4.5

Hello everyone, I am going to share the Interesting key features of ASP.NET 4.5 version, What new are added in .Net 4.5 as given below.

1.       Bundling and Magnifications Feature.
2.       Strongly Typed Data Controls
3.       Model Binding
4.       Value Providers : In ASP.NET4.5 , we can create own custom value providers like Query-string, Session, Cookie etc.
5.       Support for OpenID in OAuth Logins
6.       Support for improved paging in ASP.NET 4.5 GridView control
7.       Enhanced support for asynchronous programming
8.       Support for web sockets
9.       Support for HTML5 form types
10.   ASP.NET Web API 2

Examples as given below.

Bundling and Magnifications Feature BundleConfig.RegisterBundles(BundleTable.Bundles);


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