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Why choose AngularJs for your next Project?

Why choose AngularJs for your next Project?

Hello everyone, Today's I received an email regarding the Questions "Why choose AngularJs in my next Project?".

There are difference reasons to developing the web application using AngularJs as given below.
  1.  Support MVC  and MV* Architecture.
  2.  We can create custom directives.
  3. A declarative user interface.
  4. Data models work with POJO (Plain Old JavaScript Object).
  5.  Ease of Use and Supports Single Page Applications (SPA).
  6. Angular is Client Side Solution.
  7. Flexibility of Filters
  8. AngularJs Enables a Design and Development Workflow.
  9. Enable you to create software more quickly and with less effort
  10. Easily manipulate to DOM elements.
  11. Result in software that is more maintainable.
  12. Testing using Dependency Injection.

Thank You! 
Please add any else you want in the comment box. I will update it with your suggestion...


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