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ref and out keyword in c#

Out keyword in C#

In Out key, When we passed variables as out arguments that time we initialized to the variables within the methods. It is also known as output parameter.

Ref keyword is a one-way communication while the out keyword is a two-ways communication.
  1. Initialized must be inside the methods. 
  2. Before calling the methods may be initialized or not initialized the values of the variables.
A simple code sample as given below

public class OutClass
    static void Method(out int i)
        i = 10;
    static void Main()
        int value;
        Method(out value);

Some important notes as given below

  1. The ref and out keywords are treated differently at run-time but they are treated the same at compile time. 
  2. Methods cannot be overloaded if one method takes a ref keyword and the other takes an out keyword.


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