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ref and out in c#

Ref keyword in C#

In the ref, when we passed variables as ref arguments that time need not to be initialized to the variables within the methods. 

Ref keyword is a one-way communication while the out keyword is a two-ways communication.

Initialized the variables before calling the methods but we can initialize to the variables within the methods if we have needed.

It is also known as input parameter.

  1. Initialized not must to inside the method. 
  2. Before calling the method must be initialize the values of the variable.
A simple code sample as given below
static void Main(string[] args)
            int a = 1;
            Program.CallRef(ref a);
public static void CallRef(ref int a)
            a += 10;          

Some important notes as given below

  1. The ref and out keywords are treated differently at run-time but they are treated the same at compile time. 
  2. Methods cannot be overloaded if one method takes a ref keyword and the other takes an out keyword.


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