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asp net mvc 6 architecture

13 New Key Features of MVC 6 - [vNext Architecture]

“What”? ‘Why” and “When”?
This article introduces to 13 new key Features for MVC 6 and Roslyn Compiler and let’s explore in detail without writing the code.

Try the live example of the vNext code shown in this page!

Key Features as following as,

=> MVC 6 Added new cloud computing optimization system of MVC , web API, SignalR and entity framework.

=> The Microsoft  make a bundle of MVC, Web API, WebPages, SignalR , that bundle we called MVC 6.

=> In MVC 6, Microsoft removed the dependency of system.web.dll from MVC 6 because it's so expensive. Typically  it consume 30K memory per request/response.

=> Right now, in MVC 6 consume 2K  memory per request response. It's too small memory  consume.

=> Most of the problem solved using the Roslyn Compiler.

=> Added a Start-up class that replaces to global.asax file.

=> The Session state and caching adjust our behavior depending on your hosting environment.

=> Host agnostic.

=> True side-by-side deployment.

=> The vNext is a cross platform and open source. and it's also supported to Mac, Linux, etc.

=> Its also added to TagHeaplers use to creating and enable server side code on HTML elements in the razor view. i.e.

@addTagHelper "*, Microsoft.AspNet.Mvc.TagHelpers"

=> The work of Roslyn compiler as given below image.

=> The ASP .Net  vNext used the Roslyn Compiler,  By using Roslyn compiler do not need to compile the application Its  compile automatically the application code.

=> The .Net vNext has the new project extension project.jsonBasically project.json contain the all dependency DLL of the application.

=> In MVC 5.1 and 5.2 support to Enum and EnumHelper in  razor views.

=> ASP .Net MVC 6 Architecture look like below.

=> The references files as given in below screen.


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