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51 Best MongoDB Help Methods And Use [How To]:

Hadoop/BigData Interview Questions and Answers

Hadoop is an open source framework that store and scale large amount of data using clusters of commodity cloud servers. Which is developed by using Apache (Java)?

What is hadoop? Name the most common Input Formats defined in Hadoop? Which one is default?
What is InputSplit in Hadoop? How is the splitting of file invoked in Hadoop framework?
What is the purpose of RecordReader in Hadoop? What is a Combiner in hadoop?
What is JobTracker in hadoop? What are some typical functions of Job Tracker in hadoop?
What is TaskTracker in hadoop? What is the relationship between jobs and tasks in hadoop?
How does speculative execution work in hadoop? What is distributed cache in hadoop?
Have you ever used Counters in hadoop? Is it possible to have hadoop job output in multiple directories? If yes, then how?
How did you debug your hadoop code? What is Difference between Secondary namenode, Checkpoint namenode & backupnode?
What are the Side Data Distribution Techniques? What is shuffleing in mapreduce?
What is partitioning? Can we deploye job tracker other than name node?

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