group by multiple columns in linq to sql c#

group by multiple columns in linq to sql

Today's I have a requirement to group multiple columns in linq to sql which are given below.

The below UserUsage table have AParty_Subscriber, ProductService, NetworkID and Unit columns.

I am going to filter UserUsage table using group by multiple columns. i.e.

List<UserUsage> userUsages = (from a in use
                                            group a by new {
                                into b select new UserUsage {
                                              AParty_Subscriber = b.Key.AParty_Subscriber,
                                              ProductService = b.Max(a => a.ProductService),
                                              NetworkID = b.Max(a => a.NetworkID),
                                              Unit = b.Sum(a => int.Parse(a.Unit)).ToString()



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