c# mvc 5 convert datatable to xml data string

c# mvc 5 convert datatable to xml data string

We can convert data-table to XML data string using MVC 5 C# .Net. The given below code-sample is might help you to converting the same.

Table of Contents

1. Create string builder object.
2. Set the table name.
3. Append row data and table name.

//Convert data table in to XML data string method
public string ConvertDataTableToXMLDataString(DataTable dataTbl)
      StringBuilder XMLString = new StringBuilder();

         if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(dataTbl.TableName))
                dataTbl.TableName = "DataTable";
            XMLString.AppendFormat("<{0}>", dataTbl.TableName);

            DataColumnCollection tableColumns = dataTbl.Columns;
            foreach (DataRow row in dataTbl.Rows)
                foreach (DataColumn column in tableColumns)
                    XMLString.AppendFormat("<{1}>{0}</{1}>", row[column].ToString(), column.ColumnName);
            XMLString.AppendFormat("</{0}>", dataTbl.TableName);
            return XMLString.ToString();


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